A nice day on the beach, if only there wasn’t water…

I made it, it’s almost end of the year, the sun is shining, my wife is shopping, kids are well who knows where and I get to test my lovely little beach hut! Isn’t it great, just the right amount of space for a man! And you can move it whereever you want. How fantastic is life, laying on the beach hearing the water, chilling in your hut and enjoying mother earth!

I have to admit though, I really don’t like water, I mean, I like water when I’m not in it. Water is … wet and cold and liquid, three things I really don’t appreciate. But here in my little man-space I can hear the ocean and enjoy the warmness of the sand… nothing cold,wet or liquid here!


ARGH! Bloody tide, can’t you for once let a man relax properly? Man that’s cold, cold, cold, feet, freezing… run… run in the right direction, no wrong way… more water, too bad, don’t want to swim, turn around!


Don’t you sit there in the dry laughing, I mean having a pair of wet and cold feet is one thing, but having 3 pairs of wet feet including 2 claws and a wet floor in your hut is nothing you can take lightly! I hope it has no consequences!


Haaaatchooo! Oh no, no, No, NONONONON—atchooo! *sneeze* ! I knew it….!!!! MH, mhhh, mh, oh no, sore throat… I’m dying! Haatchooo! Anyone call 911… my feet  — chooo! are wet… HELP! Where is my wife? How dare she go shopping – haaaatchooo- sneeze- when I’m gravely ill!


Replies will be appreciated:

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