Glossy magazines…

Yes, those are mine, all three of them and yes, they do have the same father, and no, none of us is blonde... NO I didn't swap eggs (who does this anyway???) Albino? Are you kiddin' me? She is blonde not white! Alright, I'll tell you: We decided to do something really special, you know... Continue Reading →

Regrets? I have a few – but one is kind of pending…

Look at me! Don't I look amazing?! Right, I do! And what would you think I should be doing with those looks, besides finishing my food? Right! Look for chicken! I am a rooster in the best age and ready for adventures to come! Funny thing is, I need to finish one adventure first and... Continue Reading →

How did he move it?

Okay, just go around the corner, just walk out of sight, so I can finally try this baby out! I've watched you a million times on mainland Europe how to handle a car, I can do this! But you wouldn't let me! So this might be my chance, vacation in New Zealand, human almost gone,... Continue Reading →

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