Ever heard about barking tourists?

It’s rainy season here which means there might be flooding, so you’ve got to choose carefully where to sleep. I am fortunate I can smell the rain minutes before it starts, but I can’t smell the flood… 

Poor choices let you end up wet. I go for the tin roof, it’s nice and warm and if you really miss the rain smell, you’ll wake up once the first drops hit the roof, still time to disappear.

But there is one other thing to take into account: tourists… is the tin roof located near a hotel and you are visible from the hotel’s balcony – good luck! I don’t mind the pictures being taken of me, I know I am good looking, but apparently those tourists all fraternize with dogs or they do have a lot of them, because they love talking dogish, bad accents alright, but they sure go for it. I had to learn this the hard way.

I’m laying there dreaming of this amazing tuna just flowing towards me, I open my watery mouth with delight: WOOF!

Damn it, tuna is gone, I am awake: DOG! Big dog! Although my mind tells me, dogs are not able to climb on this roof, I am alarmed, you never know.

I’m wide awake, it’s a reflex, once you hear a WOOF! you better check where it comes from. And again: WROOF, RRRRRR, WOOF! I can’t find it, it sounds right next to me, but I can’t see or smell it, and dogs do smell here believe me, they are just too stupid to care for themselves, I mean look at them, laying around all day in the middle of the street, licking their balls… 

WAFF,WAFF, RRRRR, WAFF! Oh no, not a chihuahua those nasty little paw-biters. But still I don’t smell them! Strange.


NOOOOO, you nasty tourists, this time you nearly had me, but I can still tell a human sneeze from a dog sneeze! How dare you wake me up! But wait for tonight, my revanche will be sweet! I’ve got lots of friends and we know lots of dogs… we are not scared to use them. And dogs are just – well, when one starts barking furiously… you’ll see… and learn -hopefully!

NEVER EVER wake up a cat who is dreaming of a tuna unless you have one and are prepared to share… big time!


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