Damn it, we almost made it, but you had to slow down on the market in order to get something to eat! Thanks a lot. Now we are caught and in prison! Don’t you get it: you go to the market you end up on the chopping block and in the soup! This cage is only the preentrance to chicken hell!

No worries, I get us out, you just need to pick the locks, not the metall ones, but go for the woven thread things! 

Great, then what are you waiting for?
The right scooter to highjack, we can’t walk around here freely, we need an escape plan: I suggest we find our get away scooter then we pick the locks and jump in it, as fast as possible, make it look like we were just bought and put on the scooter to bring us home. Then we start the bloody thing. Henrietta your  beak is a bit slimmer than ours, you get to be the ignition key, put your beak in turn it to the right, NOT to the left then we will all be on the jump seat and get a free ride over the handles – too much of an attention seeker!

Sounds good, but what are we doing?

Clara, you’ll claw the right handle, Anita you take the left. I will say where we are going to! Clara you need to rotate the handle otherwise we get nowhere.

Yeah, I know, I did it before, remember?!

Yep, you got us straight into jail the first time, NO SPEEDING! No stopping for food! Look innocent! All set? Look at this bike, the red one! It’s in an easy to get away parking position! Owner just went shopping, that’ll buy us at least 20 minutes! Pick the locks everyone!

What now?

Jump on the scooter, everyone in position! Chicks, like I told you? Did you forget already? What size are your brains? Pea-size! Come on think!!!

Wow, look at that, that’s a race scooter! That can go pretty fast! Okay girls let’s bring it! Henrietta ignition, I’m in racing mood!


Hold on to your feathers chicks, this ride is going to be faaaaaaaaaantaaaaaaaaastiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Good thing Henrietta has her beak in the ignition other wise her screaming would get us serious trouble!!!


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