Guardian of the shoes

Shall I or shall I not? Aaaaw I don’t know how long I can pull myself together… Shoes… many shoes! Boy I love shoes! But what’s the use of shoes if you can’t chew them up?

Look at this, I am in shoe paradise and it is quiet a task to decide which one to chew up first, but awwwww… I promised I won’t do it! I am the proud guardian of the shoes! That’s my task here! Once I succeed I might become guardian of the house, then shoes will be chewed up again. I would only have to guard the house and who wants to chew houses?

Look at those shoes, the soft rubber sole, I really want to taste them to sink my teeth in this chewy sole. This is torture guys! Maybe I try to nibble on them, just a tiny bit once the light is out and no one can see me do it. But I got to be careful not to drool all over them – just a little nibbling. A dog has to have his pleasure as well! 

But till the lights are out I got to turn around, I simply can’t stand the sight! SHOES! In a way I do understand human females, they have a thing for shoes as well and if you take a pair of shoes out of the back of their closet, they won’t miss them. I still got this nice pair of black leather shoes with the red sole and the highheel hidden under my best bones. My Missus doesn’t miss them at all…  The secret is: you gotta take the pair, not only one. If you take one it is always the dog, but taking two makes her believe she lent them to a friend…

OOOOOOOH man let it be dark, just give me a chance to finally get a little nibbling done – you won’t notice it in the morning, I swear! 


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