Hold on guys, only one more meter!

That’s us the kois of the Imperial Enclosure of Hue. You could say we are quite royal, but to my kowledge none of us has any kind of relation to the emperor of former times. We basically all came here for tourist entertainment. 

Our life isn’t bad, we get food, a lot when the Asian tours come in, not so much when Europeans come in, must have something to do with culture, we heard, we have quite a bit of a high standing in some Asian cultures, but to most of the Europeans we are fish. Last time someone called out: look at those fat goldfish! Now that’s an insult, y’all!

Yes, we are fat and we like it, but goldfish?! No way!!!

During the rainy season we go hungry, there are not many tourists coming to see the palace since they apparently don’t like the being wet all around experience. So that leaves only insects for food, not those yummi fish food bits out of the box next to the pond. But this year things might turn out differently. We already had the chance of swimming on the footpath, so we got a good impressoin of where we live. And the rain didn’t stop so far… 

It is just one more meter of water to finally get us the event we deserve: a swim through all you can eat buffet. We are already working on how to open the plastic bags, but that’s only a minor issue. 

So if you happen to go to Hue in the next time, don’t buy fish food, bring water and empty it in the pond, make it happen for us! It’s about time we finally get our dream realized: “Mackoiswimthrough”

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