How to pass a flower – a buffalo’s secret

That’s me! Thanh! I live in the North of Viet Nam near Sapa. My job is to plough the ricefield and help with other carrying stuff or pulling stuff. I don’t mind it too much! But once when it’s winter time and the ploughing and pulling is done, I get to enjoy life my way! In the puddles of a rice paddy! Simply love it!

Why? I get to eat what is left and there is always loads of stuff left, I get to wade in the water and mud and sometimes my boss comes around to give me a good scrub in the water! Love it!

But what I love most and I only get to do it when I have time, because it takes a lot of concentration…. creating beautiful landmarks! All I need is a flower… and  a bit of time without being disturbed. If someone is watching I can’t do it! Oh look there is a flower! Now turn around and come back in one to two hours – DON’T LOOK!

Oh, you are back! Thank you for your patience and your discretion!

Here you go!


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