Tourist Roulette – we love it!

If I use my left paw, to push the sign, they will eventually end up on the summit, but it’ll take them at least 2 hours. If I use my right paw to push it they might never end up on top, but have done a great way around it. If I just use my left paw a tiny bit, they will be on the direct way up, but you never know what my cousin has in store for them along the way… And if I use my right paw just a little bit then they’ll end up at the river.

I really don’t understand it, if you want to climb a mountain, going downhill is somehow unproductive, isn’t it? It seems that reading in combination with humans wearing shorts, hiking boots (what for if you just take the stairs), sunglasses, cameras and a tanktop somehow blocks the way to the brain.

Well I like to play tourist roulette, once I had a group passing me 4 times, first I sent them around, so coming back to me seems logic, then I sent them the long way up, but I guess my cousin spoiled this for them mid way, so they came back to me again, then I sent them the other way round, again: logic = back to me, well I gave them the right direction that time, but somehow they ended up back here again, looking quiet confused. My cousin told me they were at his sign and although it was turned in the right direction this time, they ended up discussing and taking “the way they haven’t been on for sure” which led them back to me. Too bad, I mean this way was downhill and if you want to climb a mountain, well yeah…

Do I feel bad about this, naw, come on at least they get to see a lot here in Luang Prabang which they probably wouldn’t have discovered by themselves and they do get a bit of exercise (don’t know about this, but humans obviously love it, they talk about it constantly). They should be thankful for “tourist-roulette”.

Actually we are thinking of expanding our buisness idea, we figured out it would be most succesful to take care of either the signs pointing towards the airport or the main bus station. The vote is on…


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