Don’t forget the cough-fee, please

Do you remember those days, when the breakfast at the hotel was rich and everybody indulged in it, whether it was in a doggy bag or fresh on the buffet. I always looked forward to those sunrise tourists leaving their neatly packed hotel breakfast behind or even better, those tourists totally in awe so they forgot about their breakfast in front of them.

Actually I was raised on this and honestly I have no idea what to do when they cut down on it, as I do raise my family on it as well. But it simply isn’t what it used to be anymore, they seem to have forgotten about the most important ingredient. The one that keeps you going the entire day and half the night. Each day I start fresh, going out early to try to find it, THE most important ingredient! The INGREDIENT of the ingredients, if you know what I mean!

The more I keep looking for it, the more I realise it isn’t there anymore. And I don’t mean bananas, although they are supposed to keep you going as well, but they simply don’t do the trick anymore, I mean I’m a monkey and my evolution made me resistant to the effect a banana might have on a non-monkey.

I’m more looking for something way darker, even darker than a banana can get on its worst day. Normally they put it in a special container, but they seem to have forgotten all about it.

No it is nowhere to be seen! Sadly!

NOOOO it is not rye bread as well! I want this black semi-hot liquid called cough-fee, probably named this way because people seem to cough when they have the first sip of it. Why? – I don’t know! Anyway since there is no cough-fee left I guess I have to stick to the non-effective bananas!

Please dear hotels make cough-fee come my way again, I have 12 kids and no idea how to keep up! Mummy needs some cough-fee real quick!

Oh and please send those tourists in to clean the mess up after I’m done! Thanks!

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