Ever wondered about how those ships ended up on Skeleton Coast?

Let me share a secret with you: you’ve probably heard about the place named skeleton coast and that it has its name because of the many ships that somehow shipwrecked here. No secret so far… But have you ever asked yourself why? It is certainly not because of the non ability to navigate around here, it’s more a problem that has pretty much to do with the beliefs and the curiousity predispositioned in the human DNA, that paired with distraction and the non-ability to multitask could end fatal (well and sometimes us wanting to have a nice new toy in our playground might play a part in this as well …)


That’s me, Bob, I like waves and I do have a lot of friends around here. We love to swim, hunt or hang out on the beach. And we do love to play (like our friends in Norway which also have a game featured on here: Let’s play shark-attack!!! – check it out, if you haven’t already!)

Apparently those humans who are in charge of steering those ships are pretty bored by having seen water for – who knows how many days… So when they turn up here and watch us play they get pretty ecxited and start watching us. So us, as we are really keen on entertaining and a bit narcicistic, decided to put on a show:

Instead of just being ourselves we apparently learned to look like a bunch of other seainhabitants. Let me give you an example – this one is mostly mistaken for a dolphin just about to flip his fluke out of the water (some see it even as a whale, but come on, size does matter here!!!) – and it seems to get those humans on the ship really ecxited.


Our best shot seems to be this one (a Scottish friend actually gave us the hint) – meet the one and only Namibian “NESSY”… no need to go to Scotland anymore (sorry lads!)


Actually we are working on a even bigger version of Nessy, but John did’t seem to have gotten the right timing, yet.


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