Once in a lifetime…

“Once in a lifetime you have to climb a mountain” – probably some human

I don’t know who ever said this, it got stuck in my mind. And since I am not the youngest one, although I do still look amazing, I thought: why not? I did a lot of research, I mean you just don’t wake up and say to yourself: I’m climbing a mountain today, let’s go! There is an awful lot of things you need to consider, wheather, things to take, which mountain, how high does a mountain have to be to count as a mountain, does a mountain have to consist of stoney material to count as a mountain, right attire, especially shoes and stuff.

I tried to obtain some shoes, but those signs around my home weren’t really helpful. But maybe I wasn’t quiet persistent enough… well, you never know, what should I say, I dropped the shoe-idea… might as well go barefeet.


What a shame, those white and grey ones would have really gone great with my frock!

Anyway, I did wake up one morning and said to myself “let’s go!” Screw the preparation, isn’t preperation an excuse to not go through with it anyway, because you’ll never be enough prepared?

I went to the highest mountain in the region, stoney material, steep climb, no shoes, but nice wheather and I hopped on and proceeded to climb up…, and I climbed, and climbed well somebody should have told me about altitude sickness and fear of heights, damn it was high… and oxygen was low… oops, solved that one, just need to breath!


I decided to not look down anymore, as it was really high… I mean REALLY high!

What an adventure: climbing a mountain by myself without preparing, cool!

It really did take me a bit to make it up there and I do wish I had some snacks on me. Next time I will get this dried Norwegian fish flakes, I heard about, they seem to be really good for mountain climbing!


So up I got and the view was amazeballs!!! Blue sky, blue ocean, tiny little penguins below… oh no looking down! … it’s really high and I mean REALLY high!


I really felt like the only penguin in the world standing on that huge mountain!!!

Until I looked around…


Next time I’m taking the cable car on the other side…


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