Will work for white worms…

Finally, I found a way to slip away from playing the cute family member and oldest son. This really gets boring, I’m almost an adult and I have to pose for pictures with my mum and little brother on a stupid sign… yeah that’s the dream of every teenager! So NOT!

Being at the pier is way more interesting, here you’ll see tourists as well, but this is not the time to be here. You have to come when they are on their journey in the rainforest, when the local families make their lunch on the boat and no guide is there to warn them “not to feed the apes”. All we get are bananas, and if you’re still small or the big boss everyone respects milk, milk is really nice, but bananas… every day… that’s really not what a teenager needs!

So you do to the pier and sneek around a bit. Good thing as a teenager you still look cute, but you have the mind of an adult, ready to strike when the chance comes.

Once the tourists are on their trekking tour (which is around in circles, but don’t tell them…) you just show up at the boats, looking cute. Just try to look really naiv, but be aware, those boatpeople want their fun as well. So whatever they give you, don’t eat the red stuff, it makes your mouth burn, but those nice white wormlike things are really nice. I wonder where they excavate them. I’ve never seen faces on them…

If you wait long enough and they are finished with their food, you might get lucky and get some melon pieces, but I really do like those white worms, whether they come in liquid or dry, boy I’d love to know where they grow those. They must have fields full of them, because they seem to eat them almost everyday three times.

But however, don’t get lost in this food forever, since you still have to show up at the family picture session. This is what makes the yummy white worms come here, no tourists, no locals with white worms!

So once the tourists are lead on the hiking trip, you have about 20 minutes to get hold of those worms an eat, then it’s 3 minutes to get to your family and show up at the “sign” (good thing if you know the direct way). Make sure to have none of these worms hanging around your mouth before meeting with everyone, that’ll get you in trouble for eating “junk food”.

Oh one more thing, don’t let the gibbon substitute you, he just doesn’t have “it”!


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