Let’s play shark-attack!!!

What we like to do on a Sunday night in summer? Easy answered! Playing shark attack! Just imagine the clearest warmest sunday night, at about 11 p.m. sun is shining and everyone is going crazy because of midnight sun. Everbody? Well no, not us locals, we know that it’s not special, it’s just the time it gets mighty crowded up north and the nicer the weather the more the tourist boats are out, puffin watching (turned out those puffins are more reliable than us whales, they seem to always be here in summer and they love showing themselves off).

Those tourists play an essential part in out favourite activity, mostly because they can’t tell a backfin from a backfin. Turns out if you are real quick and swimming level so your backfin shows, you’ll have the first tourist screaming: “SHARK!!! WATCH OUT!”  in no time! We love it!


So this is what we do, we hide under water, speed up, then let our backfins show and go directly for the tourist boat: end of puffin watching… now it’s shark watching time *lol* And even if a cute puffin will land on the boat with its coloured beak full of fish, no one will notice: because of us “sharks”!


That’s our small revanche, we’d rather go for “SHARK” than “oh, look at this cute dolphin!” Come on tourists, do your homework! We are neither! I mean if we see you, we don’t shout: “Look hairless monkeys!”


The most fun for us is seeing the facial expressions of those screaming (thanks to Hollywood by the way for conditioning the humans this way!). But in order to see it when we do our shark attack, we need to give up our cover and jump to have a good look, bad thing is: “Oh my, look at those cute dolphins, I didn’t know they had them here!”

Yeah, we really need to work on that outcome! Any ideas… Hollywood?



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