Black mud, that’s the secret!

I’ve just come out of my bathtube! Boy, I do love a good morning bath, especially in high quality mud! Black, it really has to be black mud, not that brownish grey greasy stuff, no! My skin will always get black mud! The smoothest mud on earth!


Nice and cool in the sun and it helps against parasites, especially those nasty little ticks and flies. Sure, I’ve got a long trunk which can reach almost anywhere, but if you cover yourself properly in black mud, there is no need to scratch for the next hours. And do you like to look at someone who is constantly scratching himself?



But make sure you are fully covered, there will always be small spots which need extra treatment. Behind the ears for example: yep, my right ear is fully covered!


OOps left ear needs a bit more care…  Look all is nice and shiny, sparkling in the sun! See now you do have to put on your sunglasses to have a good look at me 😉 Black mud! That’s the secret!

I’m ready for the day in the bush and might as well show myself to the ladies. I mean who doesn’t love a good looking black mud covered male elephant? See even you liked me, why else would you take pictures of me?


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