Will work for white worms…

Finally, I found a way to slip away from playing the cute family member and oldest son. This really gets boring, I'm almost an adult and I have to pose for pictures with my mum and little brother on a stupid sign... yeah that's the dream of every teenager! So NOT! Being at the pier... Continue Reading →

Let’s play shark-attack!!!

What we like to do on a Sunday night in summer? Easy answered! Playing shark attack! Just imagine the clearest warmest sunday night, at about 11 p.m. sun is shining and everyone is going crazy because of midnight sun. Everbody? Well no, not us locals, we know that it's not special, it's just the time... Continue Reading →

Black mud, that’s the secret!

I've just come out of my bathtube! Boy, I do love a good morning bath, especially in high quality mud! Black, it really has to be black mud, not that brownish grey greasy stuff, no! My skin will always get black mud! The smoothest mud on earth! Nice and cool in the sun and it... Continue Reading →

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