I proudly present: opening the safe

I’m super-cat! After two weeks of watching my human and practising while it was away, I did it. I opened the safe! No more dry food and nothing out of the can.

Bring on the good stuff, four drawers of endless joy, all you’ve got to do is choose and put it out in the warmth! I waited for the perfect moment, the human is out of the apartment minding its own thing and yesterday was shopping day . Whatever that means for the human – I DON’T CARE! For me it means fish! I saw it arrive yesterday and beeing put in one of the drawers, like it is done on every shopping day. And every single time I waited for the human to let me have a bit. But no, only thing I get is a sniff from the distance. The kitchen door closes in my face once the fish is out and if I try to lick the plates after my humans ate, I get shooed away! Time for revenge!

Problem is, I didn’t figure out how to open these drawers yet, but this is only a matter of moments, because I am super-cat! My human is out and I am in! Yes, IN front of the freezer! What a choice! Where do I start?


Upper drawer, middle ones, lower drawer… If I was a human, where would I put the fish…

Damn it! Was that the front door?


Oh no, caught AGAIN! Look cute, real cute: “MEOW!” Can’t blame the dog, we don’t have one! Maybe we should get one? Back to dry food and canned meat! But I’ll try again!

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