No driving on my driveway!

There is nothing like a morning stroll down the driveway of your estate, isn’t it? The air is fresh, it is peacefull and calm and you get to smell the flowers along the way. Look at that: the gardener did a nice job with the bushes, really well done, indeed. I really do like my morning strolls!

Hluhluwe bruenftiger Bulle (40)

Honestly, if I could whistle I would do it, but well I can only – yeah you know, it’ll turn out quite loud and it’ll wake up the kids…

What’s this noise I keep hearing, the gardener is supposed to be at home, and the neighbours live miles away, oh no, NOT AGAIN!!! How many signs do I have to put up at the entrance! Do I have to have a guard standing there 24/7???

Hluhluwe bruenftiger Bulle (29)

Come on: can’t you guys read! NO ENTRANCE!

You think I bought this place for you to intrude??? NO DRIVING UP MY DRIVEWAY!

Bloody tourists – always the same: once they are on vacation their brain goes blank and they manners overboard!

Hluhluwe bruenftiger Bulle (17)


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