Eat – what’s not there, you don’t have to share!

Finally, family is nowhere to be seen, out with the good stuff, I’ve been hiding for this specific moment and eat, eat like there’s no tomorrow (maybe there isn’t who knows?)

What’s the use of sharing with a bunch of prairie dogs who don’t know the value of good food, they see it, classify it for food and it’s gone – no matter what. I managed to keep a secret stash of the good stuff, solely for my pleasure. I don’t want to share it, it’s mine.

When doing this I have to be really careful, my family has no idea! It’s my secret pleasure! Do I feel like cheating them… Oh come on! Everyone has to have a freetime activity and mine is to put the good food aside and enjoy it in solitude! That’s not considered cheating, isn’t it?

Oops family is coming back, try to look innocent, just like you are guarding the estate like a good husband!

Replies will be appreciated:

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