Standing guard

Well, I don’t know what humans find entertaining about us. I mean all we do is eat, sleep and being on watch-out-duty. We are many and we have to fight hard to keep us and our families alive. Expecially with so many predators around. That’s why we have our duties. Of course those duties are shared, but that’s mostly just theory. Speaking for my family, I think we made a big mistake by not educating our kids right.

We shouldn’t have discussed with them, anti-authority just doesn’t work out. A family is no democracy, it’s a hierarchy and when they are young it just doesn’t work any other way. Democracy has to be earned…

We tried and look where we are now: My wife is everyones cushion and gets trampled on …

… and I have to stand guard over the entire useless bunch of kids. What will they do without us?

Replies will be appreciated:

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