I proudly present: opening the safe

I'm super-cat! After two weeks of watching my human and practising while it was away, I did it. I opened the safe! No more dry food and nothing out of the can. Bring on the good stuff, four drawers of endless joy, all you've got to do is choose and put it out in the... Continue Reading →

No driving on my driveway!

There is nothing like a morning stroll down the driveway of your estate, isn't it? The air is fresh, it is peacefull and calm and you get to smell the flowers along the way. Look at that: the gardener did a nice job with the bushes, really well done, indeed. I really do like my... Continue Reading →

Standing guard

Well, I don't know what humans find entertaining about us. I mean all we do is eat, sleep and being on watch-out-duty. We are many and we have to fight hard to keep us and our families alive. Expecially with so many predators around. That's why we have our duties. Of course those duties are... Continue Reading →

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