No more knitted yellow pullovers!

You’ll know my name if you have fullfilled your duty as a child to read books and not to be a digital couch potato. I have to admit that being this famous monkey was really ecxiting, but I have to tell you, as people get old some of them turn out to be pretty boring.

I like to keep my illusions and I took a run before a certain person got old and might have disappointed me and by the way, the knitted yellow pullover she made me wear was really itchy  and I never really got along with this black and white horse and its swooshing tail!

Anyway, I took a run and here I am in the middle of monkey island on a fabulous tree people watching. But I have to admit: what you get to see from above is quite bad.

What is it about this phenomenon to have three hairs trying to cover up a really nice good looking, polished head?  Or the skunk-look, first time I saw it I thought one of them escaped, but it was only long, black hair with a thick streak of greyish white in it. Are humans into mimicry right now? Well if they are they still have a long way to go! Although I admired the effort of a standing cockatoo-like headpiece in pink.

Anyway if my human is looking for me, don’t tell her where I am unless she promises to not make me wear the pullover and to leave the horse outdoors where it belongs!


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