Gimme red gummybears

Look at this, everyone looks pink and here is me: fluffy grey! I am the only one with black legs and fluffy grey feathers. Mum says I will get pink eventually if I continue eating those shrimp in the water… I don’t like shrimp! I’ve been looking around here to find something pink to eat, but other than becoming a canibalistic flamingo my chances are rather slim. I could eat green stuff, but I don’t want to be a green flamingo!

Lately I saw those miniature humans, they have a good life, they look just like the old ones, only smaller! No color-change here! They had this bag full of bearshaped things in all colours and one of them lost a pink one. When my mum wasn’t watching, I took it and it tasted good!

I figure if I eat more of those, I will turn pink as well, without having to eat shrimp, so please miniature adults, if you come visit me, please leave the pink ones for me, just throw them in the water, I will find them and my mum won’t notice! Us small ones we must stick together. I would even trade it for one of my mum’s pink feathers, you’ll find them at the exit on the left side, I will hide them in the bush! Just leave those pink bears for me…




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