No more knitted yellow pullovers!

You'll know my name if you have fullfilled your duty as a child to read books and not to be a digital couch potato. I have to admit that being this famous monkey was really ecxiting, but I have to tell you, as people get old some of them turn out to be pretty boring.... Continue Reading →

Living with an asocial goldfish

Bonjour, my name Didier, I am living in France..., well until I get eaten. Question is: who will eat me first? Human, heron, cat, dog or .... The asocial goldfish? As a matter of fact I emigrated to Paris, because country life just didn't appeal to me. So I hitchhiked to the outskirts of Paris... Continue Reading →

Gimme red gummybears

Look at this, everyone looks pink and here is me: fluffy grey! I am the only one with black legs and fluffy grey feathers. Mum says I will get pink eventually if I continue eating those shrimp in the water... I don't like shrimp! I've been looking around here to find something pink to eat,... Continue Reading →

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