Taking the spotlight in a purple field

Every year the same, every year we get placed into rows, colorcoordinated and wait until someone cuts us of. But growing up in the same enviroment gets boring. You know the stories, you know the gossip and as an individuum who can’t move around, you are basically stuck amongst the same tulips for a long, long time and nobody will,say: “look at that amazing red tulip!” because everyone is red.

This year I decided to do something special, I moved! I had the chance to jump from one crate to another due to an uneven street and I did it. Just took the momentum! I had no idea where I was, actually you only start to find out the moment the bulbs open up and the flower is revealed. And here I am, the red one in a purple field! Quiet exciting!

Now I get recognized, people look at me and point me out, although a few metres across from me is a red/yellow species hiding in the shadow, but thankfully it is too shy to shine!


Replies will be appreciated:

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