My Home is my castle

No one has ever seen me completely naked. Alright, maybe when I was really small and didn’t have a house yet.

It took quiet a while to find my recent house, since everything in the good areas and in a good state is taken within an instant. I admit, this palace is a bit on the heavy side, carrying around the entire home while the water is gone is a task of its own, but it helps you stay fit.

Am I interested in the outside world? Yes, but what’s the cost of leaving your house? It will be taken by homeless within a snap of your claw, and although I do have a proper shell of my own, an extra bit of shell is well necessary nowadays. Just take those tourists, picking up my castle and letting it fall after they see my beautiful red claws…, what do they think, behaving like a T-Rex ! My castle is too big for you to take away legally! And no: a dead, tiny, stinky fish won’t persuade me to come out, neither won’t a crashed mossel!

Only thing that bothers me: clingy neighbours! Those white seapocks are clearly disturbing the colorful aura of my palace and they won’t budge an inch!


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