My bench!

This is my bench and I don’t care if there are individuals around who want to sit! This is mine, mine, mine! I was awake all night hunting and the night was cold, now I get to sleep in the sun! That’s how it is! I get to sleep on my bench!

Bugger of tourists!

Yes, you can take pictures, but don’t use flash and don’t sit on MY bench!!!

I should eat more to fill out the entire bench space, but till I’ve managed this succesfully I need to show my weapons! Sit down on my bench and you’ll get to know them!

I love MY bench! The wood is just rough enough to keep me from sliding, the gaps between the wood are just right to not make my legs fall through, the sun above my bench is just at the right angle to not shine into my eyes, the wind is just blowing above my bench with the right intensity to not make my hair stand up (as if I had put my paw in an outlet), my bench is just the right distance away from the seagulls, so their noisy chatting doesn’t keep me awake and it is within reach of the seafood place with the amazing fish, which makes me dream of a gigantic tuna on my plate (But somehow those greedy owners never give me some…).

So back off from my bench when you see me approaching… And I swear if I had a bathing towel I would put it on my bench just to reserve it for when I need it (ha, I learned from the Germans!).


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