On display – wanna be rich without working?

I was offered this really cool job a year ago. You know those ads on the lampposts “get rich with just your presence, no work involved”. I thought I give it a try, so I called the number and was invited to come in for an interview. They seemed to like me and I was put in a comfy spot in the window and told to strike a comfy pose. That’s what I did. And indeed they paid me. Easy! They even took in all my relatives and friends, we had to dye our hair, bur the company paid for it! We are not allowed to move at all, but sometimes, we can’t resist, it’s just a tiny twitch you’ll see if you really watch us closely. The really hard part is sticking your tongue out the entire time without drooling. I’m the only one who can do it, so I got the center display. Center display is really nice, you get to watch everything. All my buddies are looking to the right side, because they figured after 3 working days, that’s where the best babes are taken for a walk. They miss the entire left side and I get to joke about everything that comes this way. Last time I told them about the most stunningly gromed poodle…, winking repeatedly at us… You should have seen there neck muscles twitch 😉


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