My Home is my castle

No one has ever seen me completely naked. Alright, maybe when I was really small and didn't have a house yet. It took quiet a while to find my recent house, since everything in the good areas and in a good state is taken within an instant. I admit, this palace is a bit on... Continue Reading →

Taking the spotlight in a purple field

Every year the same, every year we get placed into rows, colorcoordinated and wait until someone cuts us of. But growing up in the same enviroment gets boring. You know the stories, you know the gossip and as an individuum who can't move around, you are basically stuck amongst the same tulips for a long,... Continue Reading →

My bench!

This is my bench and I don't care if there are individuals around who want to sit! This is mine, mine, mine! I was awake all night hunting and the night was cold, now I get to sleep in the sun! That's how it is! I get to sleep on my bench! Bugger of tourists!... Continue Reading →

Orange is the new white!

Yes, we also have this problem about fashion and the newest trends, what's in what's out this season and what is going to happen next season. We don't have clothes, we only get worn as such (I mean each time we get to hear: "Yikes, look at this gigantic rat!" - we don't even dare... Continue Reading →

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