I live under a table in Myanmar, close to the golden rocks (not the famous ones, but the ones close to Malawmyne), life here is pretty relaxed. The table-owners have a soup kitchen and they seem to be pretty good at it. At least I do like the smell of the chicken broth, it makes my mouth water and dancing drumsticks appear in front of my eyes. Every morning I get up I can smell it! We do have an agreement though, I am not allowed to solicit, otherwise I’ll be history as they put it. So I stick around and try to be super, extra nice to tourists. I leave the good chairs to them, I don’t stick my nose on the table and I chitchat with them once they sit down. Honestly, if it wasn’t for me, the table-owners would have far less customers.

But can someone please tell me why those long nosed humans always leave the noodles and veggies for me to eat, but never the meat? Where are they actually coming from, don’t they know I am a carnivore, I have no desire becoming a vegetarian and no, just because the veggies swam in a meat broth, they don’t classify as meat, and no, those tofu things aren’t meat either. No matter how nice I am, I will always get the veggie stuff!

But there is hope: I’ve seen something: my owner’s son left a book full of pictures under the table and in it there was a cat, a black cat, walking on its hind legs. It could fly and wore some kind of a black mask over its human like face (I think the author wasn’t that good at illustrating).

One day I will turn into that cat and walk on my hind legs and fly, I will be able to fly over your plate of soup and be able to help myself to meat, meat out of your soup and I will leave the veggies and noodles for you!

Replies will be appreciated:

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