No credits for me…

When I was really young a few people came to my place, looking around, discussing and pointing at those temples with my uncles and aunts on top. They kept shaking their head and taking pictures. They they gathered around me, perfect place, light is really good they kept saying, but he is just too small, the temple is not as exotic as we would like it to be…

Hey, I can grow and make this temple look quite exotic, I said. I knew what they had in mind. It’s a lot of work and you really have to spend tons of energy on it.

But what do you need it for?

We gonna shoot a hollywood movie and you will be in it!

Cool! Me a Cambodian tree, handpicked for a Hollywood movie!

I gave it my all, pushed my roots in between the stones, soaked up the water to grow quicker, and then they shot the movie! It was great, meeting the creativ team, the actors, watching the action go on, actualling being part of the action. They made me look really tall, I even got my own make-up team! Catering was amazing as well, I got to try French water (it is filtered by volcanoes, they said) and some kind of South Pacific Island Water. I even sneaked a bit out to have my family try it! What an amzing time!

But one thing really got me: I tried real hard and they still didn’t put my credits in the Indian Jones movie…


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