I feel so de-tached… 

What an experience, go on land, they said, it is quiet nice to hang around there and Norway is really beautiful in late spring. If you are lucky it won’t rain that much, so it won’t be this wet – honestly I really could use some “wet” now! And as much as hanging around appeals to you when you are really buisy, be careful what you wish for since it tends to get really boring.

I didn’t really agree to it, but I was told that I would be going places, like Nigeria or Portugal, but no one told me it will be both at the same time. I mean it is kind of special, being two places at once, but what is my “behind” going to “see” when it is in Portugal? Right: nothing! And who is this bacalao guy I get to meet? He seems to be really important! 

By the way I somehow do feel rather detached – can someone please help me find my “behind”, so I can become attached again and try to hydrate properly!



Replies will be appreciated:

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