Let’s go to the beach – dudes!

On a clear sunny day we decided to do something unusual, well maybe not unusual for the human being, but for us it was!

We wanted to do as those humans do: go to the beach and how do you call it? “Chill”!

We’ve seen it a couple of times, humans laying on the beach on rubbery things, chatting and having a drink, maybe something to eat and “chill” as we heard them saying.

We figuered out that going to the beach has to be via this broad grey thing with the yellow stripes in the middle, when you use it long enough, it will eventually take you to the beach… . We even tried to get those rubbery things to lay on, but somehow the shopowner didn’t get us, when we appeared at his door, he acted really weird, screamed and waved like a maniac – honestly would you carry on talking to a mad monkey?! So didn’t we. We decided to go to the beach without rubbery thing to lay on, I mean we don’t use it in the forest or in the gras as well, you just lie down. But it would have been special…

We walked through our forest and finally came upon this broad grey thing with the yellow lines in the middle, we couldn’t quite decide whether to turn to the right or left, so we threw a pinecone. Walking on this thing is weird: nice part is, you don’t have to take care where you step, it is all pretty even, nothing blocks your way or let’s you sink in, but it is a bit on the hard side. Maybe after you used it you have to “chill” on the beach to relax your stiff joints?

Anyway this massive big thing on wheels turned up behind us, filled with humans, so we seemed to be on the right track! We think it wanted to communicate with us, it made kind of funny noises, but we couldn’t understand it – I mean how many languages can you speak??? So we turned around, shook our heads to make them see we don’t understand them, smiled and kept on walking.

Then we saw it: the beach! We stopped for a bit to take it all in. It was then those wheely things started talking to us again – I mean there were quiet a few now, and they do come in many colors, shapes and sizes and everyone of them talked to us. Those humans inside started waving at us, how nice! Maybe they wanted to wish us a nice “chilling-day” at the beach?

Picture information: all of them were taken by Whitey who found one of those “cameras” while walking into a group of humans on the hills. He even tried to return it by following the human who lost it, but he kept running away – apparently it was a present! Dear human if you read this: Thank you very much, we really do enjoy this gift! (The beach picture was taken by Olof, he was a bit selfconscious in his beach-wear and didn’t want to be in it)





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  1. Thanks to dear friend Ina, we get to share this fun blog here in California . No reindeer here, though. Only the family lap cat. Sharon Clark


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