Mi Goreng Ayam – chicken in a box

I was born a few hours ago directly at the park entrance building of Tanjung Putin National Park, Kalimantan.

If I will have siblings – well I don’t know yet, the chance seems to be quite good, since I still see 2 eggs lying next to me and one of them already has cracks in it. I really do like it here, sure there are two cats (Mum told me to be carefull around them), so it is a bit on the dangerous side, but they seem to be more focused on getting food from the boats passing by our pier.

Besides that, my mother is a real fighter and does take good care of me and those two eggs which might be my siblings. I can’t wait to get to know my siblings, I hope they hurry up! If I could I would help them out of their shell, but somehow nature made it impossible for me to crack it from the outside. I even stood on top of one and jumped a bit while my mum wasn’t watching… – nothing.

My mum even told me not to worry, she  found the perfect hiding place. Just think of it, if someone is looking for you it’s best for you to basically live right next to them, then they won’t find you, they don’t expect you to be there.

Somehow this applies to our place as well: It is a place where she can leave me and my two egg-siblings alone for a while, while minding her own buisness – what I mean is: we are chicken and I was born and raised in a box of instant chicken noodle soup (Mi Goreng Ayam)…

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