I feel so de-tached… 

What an experience, go on land, they said, it is quiet nice to hang around there and Norway is really beautiful in late spring. If you are lucky it won't rain that much, so it won't be this wet - honestly I really could use some "wet" now! And as much as hanging around appeals... Continue Reading →

Let’s go to the beach – dudes!

On a clear sunny day we decided to do something unusual, well maybe not unusual for the human being, but for us it was! We wanted to do as those humans do: go to the beach and how do you call it? "Chill"! We've seen it a couple of times, humans laying on the beach... Continue Reading →

Mi Goreng Ayam – chicken in a box

I was born a few hours ago directly at the park entrance building of Tanjung Putin National Park, Kalimantan. If I will have siblings - well I don't know yet, the chance seems to be quite good, since I still see 2 eggs lying next to me and one of them already has cracks in... Continue Reading →

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